The concept of building “Hybrid” boats out of Bay boats is very popular lately and we are seeing more manufacturers building inshore boats with features to make them more “offshore capable” for anglers seeking dual purpose vessels. Young Boats has utilized a similar theory but has reverse engineered a true offshore hull design to also serve as a back country boat as well. The Young 27 is a pure blue water machine at first glance but performs remarkably well in shallow back country waters with the help of a 36V trolling motor and PowerPole. This is a highly customizable boat and Young will build to suit based on personal fishing style but the two models we tested both featured GemLux Carbon fiber outriggers and were rigged for serious offshore battles. They each featured the aforementioned trolling motors and PowerPole which made them extremely effective at fishing in remarkably skinny waters (17”) around coastal docks and mangrove shorelines. An added benefit of the new technology found in these trolling motors was the ability to deploy the motor to serve as an anchor while fishing over offshore reefs and wrecks. The 36V motors easily held position in fairly sloppy conditions which added a level of simplicity to bottom fishing without anchoring that was easy to get used to.

The deck layout on the Young 27 is an open design with a low enough freeboard to reach the water around most of the boat and a gunnel height that hits most people above the knees very comfortably. It is offered with forward seating or an open foredeck and a rear seat in the cockpit across a very wide transom gunnel. The transom accommodates a large 50-gallon release well and two additional 30-gallon wells will ensure enough live bait capacity to suit anyone’s needs. Three insulated fish boxes (1 forward, 2 aft) are standard. A very smart fiberglass leaning post and tackle center features port and starboard tackle tray storage (12 pull out Plano boxes) as well as leader spools, knife, and plier holders and a removable acrylic filet board. This is a very easy boat to fish from and move around in both from a layout and stability perspective. The hull has an exceptionally solid feel while running and nothing about it feels hastily put together. An extensive list of standard features leaves the factory with every boat and with the addition of a handful of added optional features this quickly becomes a seriously rigged boat that wears more than one hat comfortably. For anyone looking to combine the best of both worlds from the Gulf Stream to the river the Young 27 is mighty tempting.

Young 27 specifications:

Length: 27 feet 7 inches

Beam: 9 feet 4 inches

Draft: 17 inches

Deadrise @ transom: 20-Degrees/ @ bow entry- 60-degrees

Weight: (w/o power) 3700 pounds

Recommended Horsepower: 300-400

Fuel: 150-Gallons

MSRP: $89,900.00 Hull- Power options from $28,900.00-$54,700.00

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