Calmer, warmer waters welcome divers.

Flashback to a video short of Karl Wickstrom speaking about harvesting lionfish.

If you want to take a shot at a few—or a few hundred—lionfish this spring and summer, there’s an event near you in Florida. The FWC’s Lionfish Challenge is a months-long event that racks up huge total numbers of fish taken every year, and CCA has a Lionfish Division in its summer-long STAR event that you can compete in no matter where in Florida you live. There’s quite a lineup of lionfish derbies and tournaments around the state this spring and summer.

This group of Panhandle divers can put together quite a fish fry after their lionfish dives.

In addition to the Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day in Pensacola on May 19 & 20, there are also these events upcoming:

Check out this link from Reef Rangers to find out more about the efforts:

You can read more about the FWC’s Lionfish Challenge here: Read more about CCA STAR’s lionfish division here:

You can even host a workshop in your area about lionfish, provided by the FWC, which would include lionfish education and a fillet demo. Email your name, organization, location and the estimated number of attendees to

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