Please call 844-505-2887 today to ask your congressman to vote for Sugar Program reform!

Don’t let our elected officials ignore a historic opportunity when the House of Representatives votes next week on the Sugar Policy Modernization Act. Our congressman have a choice to make: Take a stand for America’s Everglades and Florida’s water by reforming an out-of-date program, or back the status quo where taxpayers fund corruption and pollution.

Calling 844-505-2887 will connect you automatically to your congressman’s office. Please ask him or her to vote for the Sugar Policy Modernization Act.

This government program was never intended to subsidize billionaires, or fund political campaigns, or block Everglades restoration, or kill tourism jobs, but that’s what it’s doing. Sugar reform doesn’t touch farmers’ incomes. It’s a small step toward making the US Sugar Program work fairly, without costing American jobs or corrupting our politics.

You can read more about this vote, what it means for the Everglades, Florida’s fisheries, and our political future on the Bullsugar website here.

Please click here to become a member and join the fight for clean water and sugar-free politics.

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