Catch the 2018 Season six premiere of Reel Time Florida Sportsman starting March 30th.

This hefty tuna catch can be viewed in the episode “Tuna Tangle” premiering April 6th.

Filming for season six of Reel Time Florida Sportsman, Capt. George Gozdz and crew logged some serious miles chasing the bite.

From the Everglades to Venice, Louisiana, and a dozen destinations in between, a virtual highlight reel came to life. See the tuna battle that ended up on this month’s cover, in vivid HD video in week two of Reel Time Florida Sportsman .

March 30-April 5 Making Waves. Catch a few waves with pro surfer Evan Geiselman in New Smyrna Beach, then head out in search of bull redfish. Watch the episode here.

April 6-12 Tuna Tangle. Trailer from Florida to Louisiana in search of big tuna and redfish, an epic road trip to a destination unlike any other.

April 13-19 Tarpon 101. A tribute to the “Silver King.” Everything you need to know about tarpon. Learn why tarpon are one of Florida’s most popular and important gamefish.

April 20-26 Salty Gators. Visit the University of Florida to fish with the “Salty Gators,” a club of sportsmen and women united by a passion for being on the water.

April 27-May 3 Duck, Duck, Redfish. Take a trip into old Florida for a cast and blast. Coastal ducks and redfish thrive in the same environments along Florida coastlines.

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