For anglers who like the deck configuration of a true flats boat but want the stability of a larger bay boat, the Piranha Flats/Bay F2000 may be just what you’re looking for. A flats boat is typically built with a flush deck design forward and aft with wide gunnels that allow the angler to walk 360-degrees around the boat. The forward and aft casting deck are at one level and obstruction free to allow anglers to fish “on top” of the boat while allowing minimal risk of tangling fly lines etc. on protruding hardware. These boats are most commonly at home in protected back waters where there is little risk of falling out of the boat. As you progress out to deeper, more distant waters, a larger boat with a recessed cockpit is more common. These “Bay Boats” offer additional security for anglers concerned with falling out of a rocking boat. If a true poling boat doesn’t offer the stability you need but you’re still a fan of a flats inspired deck, the Piranha Boatworks F2000 offers a hybrid design combining aspects of both designs. This is a very large and stable platform with traditional flats boat features that is bay/beach capable and will still float in 8″ of water under load. The V- bottom forward transitions into a 7-degree deadrise at the transom providing a soft dry ride while a transom pocket tunnel still keeps her draft to a minimum for a boat this size. Remarkably, this boat jumped out of the hole quickly and ran impressively with a 115-HP engine and although she’s rated for up to 150-HP, I can’t imagine why you’d need it. Piranha has managed to combine the best features of both styles into an affordably priced hybrid with this model.

Standard features include a large dry storage compartment forward and (3) insulated wells in the stern. Two of the aft wells are plumbed as live well/release wells each with a 30-gallon capacity and a third can be used as a cooler or dry storage box. LED running lights and accent/deck lights, a 6″ Jack plate, Trim tabs, and Hydraulic steering are also each standard equipment.

Piranha F2000 Specifications:

Length: 19 feet 6 inches

Beam: 7 feet 8 inches

Draft: 8 inches

Weight: 1250-pounds

Max HP: 150

Fuel: 30-gallons

MSRP: Base (w/ 115 HP Mercury) $34,495.00

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