In this Florida Sportsman seminar, Reel Time Host Capt. George Gozdz discusses his hard bait lure choices while fishing on the Peace River. These tips can be applied to almost anywhere you want to throw hard baits inshore.

A key factor when targeting species inshore is finding the depth in which the fish are in. Whether it be on the surface, the mid water column, or on the bottom. Choosing a bait that reaches this water column is crucial to success.

As Capt. George Gozdz stated, the early morning tends to be the best time to fish a topwater plug. The sun has not warmed the water yet and the fish are more active in the early morning hours. But what do you do if water is cold and the fish are lethargic?

Lipped baits are a great option when in a situation like this. Know your depth and choose your lipped bait accordingly. Working the edges and dropoffs of the Peace River, Gozdz was able to work the middle water column with the Yo-Zuri 3D and Crystal Minnow, where the snook were staged.

Tip: If you are marking fish at a certain depth, and cannot get a bite on your lure, try changing your retrieval rate. A twitch, twitch pause approach tends to cause a reaction strike from predatory species.

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