Attention Florida Sportsman Forum Members, on Monday night at 11pm we began the migration process of moving our community and content over to a new and improved Forum software. As of today, January 24th, the new software is now up and running, “I’m confident in our ability to migrate the content over to the new software, and because of the updated features of the software, I’m certain this will be viewed positively,” stated Blair Wickstrom, Florida Sportsman magazine publisher.

Wickstrom went on to say that the new software is exactly what you’d expect from a modern day forum, forums reinvented. “The new software allows you to ‘like’ comments or posts without creating a new post. It is mobile friendly, where you can easily post photos from your phone. You have the ability to tag another member by simply putting @ in front of their username.”

Also, expected to be a hit is a new feature which helps users find the most popular posts all grouped together called the Best-Of page. Content will be ranked by positive reactions of its members. Also, new is a Gamification component where members are rewarded for answering questions with reputation points and badges starting with a ‘First Answer’ badge and subsequent badges for crossing answer thresholds.

“The Florida Sportsman Forum community is like no-other social media in the state. We obviously have other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, but no platform is as informative nor as in-depth as our Forum,” said Wickstrom

If you haven’t been on the Forum lately make sure to check out it out and share your fishing stories.

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