If a bay boat that can handle marginal weather conditions is in your wheelhouse the Triton 240 LTS should be on your shortlist. While testing this model we were met with perfect weather to see how she performed under adversity. Wind blowing steadily out of the south at 20 MPH created a sloppy 3′ chop outside of the St. Lucie inlet and this boat jumped out of the hole quickly and rode on the flat pad with ease. The noticeable bow flare turned down most of the spray and the ride was softer than one would expect given the conditions. Although most people don’t enjoy fishing in these conditions, some days you are dealt this hand and eventually you will be forced to experience them. This boat stood up to the test nicely.

From a fishing standpoint, the 240 LTS offers attractive features as well. More than enough storage is available onboard between the roomy console which is accessed through a front opening door and a 185-quart box as well as an insulated 356-quart box under the forward casting deck. Port and Starboard matching side compartments add storage solutions forward as well as lockable rod storage. The forward deck is roomy enough for two to easily fish side by side while a third fishes from the rear deck. Two live wells offer enough capacity for anyone’s needs including a large release well of 60-gallons and a smaller 25-gallon tank when less is necessary and you want to cut down some weight. The work around space on this boat was impressive due to the smart design and streamlined profile of the console and helm area. Both moving around the boat and fishing alongside the T-top were very comfortable. A hard top with cutouts to accommodate ten (10) vertically stored rods is a nice touch and kept unused rods out of the way while moving past the slim console. A 65-quart Yeti Tundra drink cooler with SeaDek pad is standard, mounted on a sliding track under the leaning post.

Overall, the 240 is an able crossover/inshore boat that is very offshore capable if conditions are subpar.

Triton 240 LTS Specifications:

Length: 24 feet

Beam: 8 feet 6 inches

Draft: 13 inches

Deadrise: 15-degree

Hull Weight: 2550 pounds

Max HP: 350

For more information visit: www.tritonboats.com

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