Skeeter SX 210 Running Review

Once again, Bay Boats are a smart option for the coastal angler who needs a vessel capable of shallow water inshore navigating as well as one that can handle the moderate chop encountered while crossing large inshore bodies of water or running the nearshore Ocean and Gulf beaches. Bay boats are now available at a wide range of price points depending upon your tastes (and budget obviously) and it’s not very difficult to find one that crosses over into six figure territory cost wise. For some, this is simply not an option and Skeeter Boats has addressed this fact with their Skeeter SX 210. Add this model to your list of boats in this class that come in at a reasonable price point from the factory with a range of standard features that might be considered upgrades to many buyers. Among the standard features every SX 210 leaves the factory with are two (2) live wells, (a 25-gallon rear well and 14-gallon front well) fourteen (14) vertical rod holders, a very comfortable leaning post/rocket launcher, retractable boarding ladder, horizontal lockable rod storage, and a Power Pole. There is seating for up to five (5) on board and three anglers can fish very comfortably without bumping into one another. Fuel economy is impressive on this model as well. Rigged with a Yamaha F150 she averaged 4.7 MPG at 26-MPH and 3.03 MPG at 48.8 MPH.

Skeeter provides a ten (10) year transferable hull warranty along with a very impressive across the board component warranty for three (3) years which covers every part on board that is built or installed at the factory. This warranty period provides a new boat owner with plenty of peace of mind throughout the initial break in period that adds plenty of value in the decision process when choosing a new boat. There is a list of options available to add if the buyer is inclined but this boat in its standard out the door base package is ready for serious fishing. Skeeter has managed to put together a very capable, smart looking boat motor and trailer Bay Boat combination for a price that is well below the market average for boats in this category.

Skeeter SX 210 Specifications:

Length: 21 feet 6 inches

Beam: 8 feet 2 inches

Draft: 10 inches

Weight: 2300 pounds

Max HP: 200

Fuel: 46 gallons

NAP- $42,495.00

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