Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable
Includes Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Homestead

Jan 12-14

Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable

NOAA Weather is forecasting that a cold front will approach start South Florida Friday night and into early Saturday morning bringing winds from the south and southwest late Friday at 10 to 15 knots. By Saturday winds will have moved to a west-northwest direction and at 10 to 15 knots as the front arrives. Sunday winds will be north at 15 knots. The Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Islamorada will host the 28th annual Presidential Sailfish Tournament on January 26 – 28th.

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

There have been some decent shrimp runs this past week. Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, bluerunners, ladyfish, tarpon and a few snook have been feeding on the shrimp as they move through the ocean inlets into the ocean. Drifting the ocean inlets with large live shrimp on the surface and near the bottom with the use of a ½ ounce Hookup lure jig head has been getting strikes from these fish. The action has been during the day and at night. Off the ocean jetties and piers a few Spanish mackerel, lots of bluefish and plenty of bluerunners and jacks are being caught with strips of mullet, live shrimp, shiny spoons, Rapala X raps and jigs. The offshore fleet has been doing well on sailfish, large kingfish, a few blackfin tuna, barracudas and dolphin fish. The best action has been from 120 to 300 feet of water. The fishermen that are working the bottom over the artificial reefs are catching vermillion and yelloweye snapper, mutton snappers, groupers for catch and release and almoco jacks. Live ballyhoo and pinfish and cut squid have been the best bottom baits. At night the action has been mostly a mixed bag with snapper, grouper, grunts, an assortment of jacks plus bluefish and kingfish over the reefs and in the dredge holes. Low tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 11:25.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

The windy, wet and cold conditions muddied up the bay waters and shut most of the action down in the bay with the exception of a few sea trout over the grass flats and some Spanish mackerel and bluefish in the open waters where small groups of baitfish have been holding and up in the Intra Coastal Waterways north of Sunny Isles where a few snook, and jacks have been eating Rapala SubWalks worked along the sea walls. At night when the shrimp have been moving the snook, small tarpon and ladyfish action has been good. Look for these fish around the residential dock lights. High tide at Indian Creek Golf Club Saturday morning is at 7:21 AM

South Biscayne Bay

With the recent shrimp runs during the night and at times during the daytime Spanish mackerel, juvenile kingfish, jack crevalles, bluerunners and ladyfish have been available. Look for diving birds to help you locate where the fish are. Once you find the birds you can drift a live shrimp from under a Cajun Thunder float or cast Hookup lure bucktail jigs in the area. It won’t hurt to deploy a chum bag with a block of frozen chum or a bag of Aquatic Nutrition chum. Either way please discard the chum boxes properly. Every day I fish the Bay or the ocean it never fails that I see discarded empty chum boxes floating in the water. The Finger Channels have had plenty of fish to target. With the current shrimp runs snapper, grouper, porgies, jacks, bluerunners, bluefish, ladyfish and sharks have been biting. Anchor, chum and fish live shrimp on the bottom or surface for best results. Many of the Finger Channels fish will be under size fish but will provide hours of action. High tide at Soldier Key on Saturday will be at 6:38 in the morning.


The waters of Florida Bay continue to be cold and dirty. The best action has been in the deeper channels, creeks and canals. Working these areas when the tide is moving snook, redfish, black drum, sea trout, lots of catfish, jacks and ladyfish can be caught using a live shrimp fished from under a Cajun Thunder float or with a live shrimp hooked to a ¼ ounce Hookup lure jig head. The water is cold, the fish are cold and when they strike the bites are light but once the fish is hooked they still fight hard. These fish will eat a soft plastic attached to a Hookup lure jig head, but the retrieve must be slow. Plenty of sea trout are available in and around Sandy Key. Fish the deeper grass flats and the sides of the channels for best results. A soft plastic shrimp on a jig head will get you plenty of strikes. Spanish mackerel, bluefish and tripletail can be targeted on the calmer days outside the Parks boundary markers. In the backcountry where the water has been cold but clear there has been some decent sight fishing for redfish and snook. Look for these fish on top of the mud flats and along the island shorelines where a well-placed cast of a soft plastic could result in an instant strike. Low tide at Flamingo in Florida Bay on Saturday will be at 8:58 AM and at the mouth of Shark River low tide is at 5:52 AM.








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