Includes Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth

Dec 8-10


Fishing inshore for this week and next we can expect to see lots of jacks, ladyfish, pompano, tripletail, sheepshead, snook, black drum and redfish. Shrimp on a jighead will produce the most action for most of these species. Cast netting small pilchards or finger mullet will be your best shot at catching snook this week. Pomapano, jacks, ladyfish, & croaker can be taken on goofy jigs. I prefer a 1/2 oz jig, typically bright yellow or pink. Drifting larger sandy flats will yield steady action when fishing the Goofy jig. Also, there has been a few Larger Tarpon around the bridges at night. If you can get your hands on some larger live mullet or smaller ladyfish, this will be an excellent way to catch a big tarpon this time of year. Plenty of snook will be at the bridges at night hanging along the shadow lines and near structure, live bait & Flair hawks will work best for targeting snook at night around the bridges. Remember season closes Dec. 15. Slot size 28″-32″ 1 per person.


Spanish Mack’s are making a good showing this week. With cleaner water off the beaches lately we have had a larger concentration of mackerel closer to shore. Spoons, Jigs, diving plugs all work great for catching Spanish mackerel and king mackerel. Trolling works well in slightly deeper for larger mackerel. When anchored up send down some cut bait to the bottom on these shallower reefs and wrecks for a mixed bag of bottom fish. Lane snappers have moved inshore so take full advantage of these tasty snapper when bottom fishing. A few cobia are being caught along the beaches, sight fishing these larger cobia can be a blast on fly or with any artificial bait. Typically if you can find a cobia, you can convince one to eat with good presentation. Slowly idling down along the beach on the bow of the boat ready to lead the fish with a cast is your best shot at success for cobia when targeting them off local beaches.


The main focus this week offshore has been migrating sailfish. Tournaments will be taking place over the next couple weeks, so expect to see lots of sailfish flags flying. Trolling live or dead baits in depts. of 90′-160′ has been best over the past few days. A few Mahi are being caught in 90′. Finding a condition offshore will be your best bet to catch mahi. Blackfin tuna and skipjacks are being caught outwards of 250′. Slightly inshore of that bottom fishing has been excellent for snapper & grouper. chicken rigs or fish finder rigs will work best with live or dead cut bait. Red Snapper season opens Dec. 8.,9, 10. So lets take full advantage and hope for some calm seas during that 3 day stretch.

Capt. Jonathan Earhart

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