Boating trends change over time but the common element that doesn’t change about people’s taste in boats is having fun. Everyone has a personal favorite thing they like to do while boating whether it’s fishing, diving, tow behind water sports, or just riding around going fast. The Glasstream 255 Pro-XS was designed with the boater who likes to do ALL of those things on a single boat. This boat is built with the same race boat inspired lines and high performance hull you’ll find on her larger cousins, only in a more compact package. Despite the trim profile and racy lines, the forward entry console on this model is still large enough to accommodate an optional Porta-head and offers plenty of additional dry storage options.

Forward seating follows the lines of the bow 180-degrees around, offering plenty of room to stretch out on an easy cruising day while still allowing space to fish around the boat 360-degrees if necessary. Dry storage space is plentiful beneath the bow seating as well. When it’s time to go fast there is a comfortable bench style seat across the newly designed transom which opens up the cockpit considerably for fishing from previous year models. The fishing members of the family will appreciate the twin matching 64-quart live wells in the transom corners along with a 240-quart insulated fish box below deck. The classic single bow T-top, leaning post with rocket launcher and additional gunnel mounted rod holders complete the center console fishing boat appearance and functionality, but this boat still looks like a sports car at heart. All of the Glasstream models feature unique custom painted graphics which complete their signature look that says racing boat meets sportfish model. The fun factor is certainly written all over this boat.


Length – 24’ 10”

Beam – 8’ 5”

Draft – 15”

Weight – 3850LBS

Recommended HP – 300-350

Fuel – 85-Gallons

Cruise Fuel Economy- 3.1-MPG @43-MPH

Base MSRP- $86,600.00

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