Gatorbak LLC lights up the 2017 International Boat builder’s exhibition and Conference in Tampa.

This new bunk cover allows color customization and back lighting for boat bunks.

Gatorbak LLC was honored this year with an innovation award by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) for their Gatorbak Synthetic Premium Clear Bunk Cover. This new bunk cover allows color customization and back lighting for boat bunks via a waterproof LED strip inserted into the boat bunk with a clear Gatorbak cover. The lighted bunk covers allows for easier loading and unloading for boat owners in low or no light situations- providing runway lighting on bunk trailers. The customized bunks not only make loading safer, they provide unique trailer lighting along with endless color selections.

Gatorbak LLC makes a synthetic bunk cover that is soft and durable and perfect for the marine industry. Until the release of their premium color option, the covers have only been available in black, gray, and white. The release of the premium clear color option earlier this year adds a new level of function and style. The new bunks have all of the protective performance as any other color option with easy installation and maintainence, while being rated for use with all hull types.

Gatorbak lighted bunk covers come in seven color options to fit your personal style.

“We are very honored to have gotten this innovation award from NMMA at this year’s IBEX. The response to the product has been exciting for us this year. The team at Gatorbak is constantly working to improve our synthetic bunk covers and getting recognition like this just helps push our team to the next new development” Damon Bryngelson, Owner, Gatorbak LLC.

Gatorbak LLC is located in Claremont, MN and is a family owned business. All of the products manufactured by Gatorbak LLC are made in the USA from 100% American-made raw materials.

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