Confluence Outdoor providing Harris County with much needed rescue boats

Packed up and ready to ship

Confluence Outdoor coordinated with Houston, Texas authorities yesterday to provide Harris County with much needed rescue boats. The company is overnighting a semi-truck load of premium, stable, high-capacity Wilderness Systems and Perception kayaks ideal for transporting supplies and supporting the rescue of people and animals.

Confluence is also supplying premium paddles and life preservers (PFDs) for both adults and children to directly support ongoing flood rescue efforts in the Houston area. The rescue gear will arrive tomorrow morning.

Harris County Precinct One and the Houston Police Department will use the boats for high-water rescue. Confluence will continue to work with the Houston Police Department to monitor and further respond to the region’s ongoing needs for high-water rescue boats.

This is just one of many amazing stories about people coming together and offering whatever they can to help in times of crisis. A big thank you to all of you.

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