Is this curvy bait the future of fishing products?

BaitBitch’s most popular soft bait in the color Do Ya Juana, is reportedly a “snook magnet.”

It seems more and more every year, that American culture adopts more lax and carefree tones. Has this carried over into fishing culture as well? Mindy Hayden and her BaitBitch sisters, certainly think it should. South Florida locals Mindy Hayden, Juanita Swinton and Pat McGhee are the the forerunners of a new softbait line, BaitBitch, based out of Stuart, Florida, that adopts this new free-spirited demeanor.

Their mission is to bring more fun into the predominantly male sport, while honoring influential women they have encountered over their lives. Each individual bait is a play on these womens names, such as Eat Schmidt, Jo Momma, and Minderella, with their most popular plastic being in a hot pink color that features the name Do Ya Juana.

Their unique design takes a playful approach that even the most serious angler can enjoy. The novelty bait imitates a frog with long legs and some feminine curves where the head and eyes would usually be. It certainly is a conversation piece, that still performs. “It’s great for freshwater and saltwater!” Mindy explained. “They will catch anything, but snook really seem to love them.”

You’ll be glad to know they’re environmentally conscious and phthalate-free. They are 5” long and weigh .5 oz and are currently available in twelve fun colors, in singles or five-packs. In addition to softbaits, they also have a variety of stickers and apparel, including sunguards, t-shirts, tanks and long sleeves.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to fishing and fun. “Some of the best times of my life have been spent drifting on a boat, with a line out,” says Mindy. “I want to help everyone capture that simple joy.”

Things are changing… So, do you think it’s the next “hot” item in fishing? We will let the fish decide that.

Check out their website at for more information. Wanna get this sexy bait in your tackle shop? Give the bait bitches a call at 772-223-3399.

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