Tomoka Basin to Sebastian Inlet

Includes Daytona Beach, Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa and Melbourne

August 11-13



A mixed bag of lane, vermilion, and mangrove snapper are possible if you can keep the red snapper off your baits long enough for these other species o get to them. Most of this action is occurring on the 70 to 112-foot structures. Anglers using small pieces of squid or sardine seem to reduce their red snapper catches because larger pieces attract too much attention. Amberjack and grouper can be found on the reef and wrecks in the 160 to 250-foot depths. Large chunk baits, or live baits like blue runners, bluefish, and large pinfish or grunts are working best. Trolling action has been slow this week.


Snook, mangroves snapper, jack and ladyfish are possible along the sea walls and mangroves from the north bridge south to the Edgewater area. Live shrimp has been the best bait to use. Redfish, trout, snook and flounder are striking jigs like the Saltwater Assassin 4-inch sea shad rigged on a 1/8 ounce jig head in the Edgewater and Oak Hill areas of the lagoon. Anglers fishing from Bisset Bay southward to Tiger Shoal are dong best on live pigfish this week. Top water plugs are also effective when use near mullet pods prior to 8 am.



Anglers trolling ballyhoo are having slow days now that we are in the middle of summer. Live bait action seems to be working slightly better on most days. King mackerel, bonito, barracuda, and a few cobia are possible when slow trolling with these live baitfish. Most of the charter fleet is fishing in the waters between 60 and 90-feet where structure is present. Closer to the beach, anglers are finding jack, bonito , shark and tarpon while using live baits in the 15 to 40-foot depths.


Shark action is good along the beaches this week. Blackfin, sharp nose, fine tooth, black nose, and spinner sharks are all possible for anglers using live baits or chunk baits from the beach or boat. Shark are also possible inside of the Banana river lagoon where good numbers of bull shark are following mullet schools around the 1000 island area of Cocoa Beach. Live mullet or chunk mullet and ladyfish is working well for them. Tarpon, ladyfish, and sailcats are also feeding in this area along the deeper flats, residential canals and holes. Mangrove snapper are possible near bridge pilings in both rivers from Titusville to Melbourne. Live shrimp or cut fresh shrimp are working best for them.



Anglers working the reefs in the 60 to 90-foot depths are finding mangrove snapper, triggerfish, and a few mutton snapper this week. Cut baits or small live offerings live pilchards, fingerling mullet, or shrimp are working well for them. Small amberjack and a few cobia are also possible on the reefs in the 70 to 90-foot depths. Jack, bonito, king mackerel, and shark are possible along the beaches and near shore reefs in the 15 to 45-foot depths.


The water in the Indian river has gone from fairly clear to very dirty in many places now that the runoff from the Sebastian River, Turkey Creek, and Crane Creek have been flowing into them for the past few weeks. Anglers are not catching much in this area because of the water quality at this time. Tarpon and jack may still be possible in a few places, but the redfish, snook, and trout action has slowed considerably. Anglers fishing the inlet are doing best on the incoming tides when the cleaner ocean water is flowing in. Snook, redfish, and jack are a few of the species that can be expected when this happens.

Until next week….Catch a memory!!!!

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