In this episode – Capt. George Gozdz heads to West End, Grand Bahama with Kyle Shea. Leaving out of Lake Worth Inlet, George and crew make quick work of the Gulfstream, getting into West End and clearing customs in a few hours. The plan was to load up on bait and make a run to New Providence Channel, targeting black and yellowfin tuna. Good electronics are a must in this fishery, radar allows you to mark the birds above the tuna miles away. A good sonar allows you to pin point the tuna in the water column. Once the fish were found, live bait, chunk bait and even topwater plugs were getting bit.

The tuna had pushed to the North and the weather was iffy, so George and Kyle opted to stay close to West End, and deep drop for snapper and grouper species. Fishing 800 to 1200 feet, an electric reel was necessary to winch up these fish. After a few stringers full of snapper, the wind had picked up and the seas were building. Making the call, George and crew filled the boats up and headed back West, a great couple of days in the Bahamas.

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