The new Rover was featured in the ICAST 2017 New Product Showcase where it won Best Boats & Watercraft and Best of Show Overall.

In order to make your mark on the world, you often have to make a voyage from the familiar into far off places where few have ventured or even dared. These journeys are necessary to discover our true selves and grow our knowledge of the world around us.

BOTE has developed a platform like no other, that will take you farther, faster than anything they have ever created. It’s called ROVER. Rover evolved from the most innovative paddle boards on the planet, and was designed as a paddle board first. It’s channeled, Deep-V nose design quietly slices through the water and paddles efficiently through a variety of water conditions. It’s a stand up paddle board. It’s a microskiff. It’s everything in between. No matter what you call it, one thing’s for sure, it’s a BOTE.

The Rover’s revolutionary modular Racs allow you to go from paddle to power in seconds. The most stable board we’ve ever created with a capacity up to 500 lbs, you can walk from rail to rail and nose to tail while maintaining complete control.

Designed with your gear in mind, Rover has a place for everything. With a recommended maximum 6 HP Four Stroke outboard, Rover will run like a scalded dog reaching speeds of 16 miles per hour getting you where you want to be faster than any BOTE ever made. When under power, the Rover is designed to lift the nose out of the water which provides a smoother ride and tighter turning. With an extremely shallow draft, the Rover can practically float in spit. Requiring only inches of water you can access placed no regular boat would dare venture. When it comes to transporting your Rover, you can load it in the back of a truck, load it on roof racks or tow it with a trailer.

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