Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable
Includes Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Homestead

July 14-16

Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable

NOAA Weather is predicting a great fishing weather forecast for South Florida this weekend. If the forecast holds true South Florida boaters and fishermen can expect winds to be out of the east southeast at 10 knots much of the weekend.

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Tarpon, snook, big jacks and sharks are keeping the inlet fishermen occupied. The snook are spawning and traveling in schools and can be found at times in the inlet, along the beaches and just inside the bays near the ocean inlets. The tarpon and jacks are in thinner numbers but still available. The sharks are mostly bulls and lemons and have been following the snook schools waiting for an easy meal. If your fishing for snook remember its catch and release only and use live pinfish, large threadfin herring and pilchards for bait. If you like fishing artificial lures then try a Rapala X Rap or a ½ ounce Hookup lure bucktail jig or red tail hawk jig. For the tarpon a medium size blue crab is what they are looking for. Just outside the outer reef in 80 to 160 feet of water kingfish have been feeding best early in the morning. Mixed in with the kings have been a few wahoo and lots of bonitos. Dolphin fish have been the big attraction recently. Most of the dolphins are small but there are plenty of them and it’s been easy to put a dozen or more legal ones in the box. Look for the dolphins along weedlines in the blue water in depths as shallow as 200 feet all the way out to 1000 feet of water. Many of the fish are traveling quickly to the south and can be found under birds. Blind trolling with small to medium size feathers is also getting a lot of dolphin strikes. Over the wrecks there have been a few black groupers and amberjacks. At night over the reefs mangrove snappers have been biting cut bait fished near the bottom. Low tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 6:42.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

Quality size baitfish have been very hard to find in the bay. Plenty of schools of small baitfish are scattered throughout the bay and some of the schools have small Spanish mackerel, bluerunners, ladyfish and jacks feeding on them. The baitfish schools that are over the grass flats have had a lot of sea trout, some mangrove snappers, lots of small barracudas and a few jacks feeding on them. Live baits fished under a Cajun Thunder float, Rapala X Raps and Hookup lure jig heads tipped with a soft plastic are all getting struck by these fish. Under the dock lights at night small tarpon, a few snook, jacks, snapper and moonfish can be targeted with live shrimp and baitfish lures. Low tide at Indian Creek Golf Club Saturday morning is at 9:01 AM

South Biscayne Bay

The early morning incoming tide should have the bonefish looking for something tasty to eat along the Oceanside flats south of Soldiers Key. Look for tailing fish early along these flats and then start working your way up on the flats as the fish move inshore on the incoming tide. The areas around Totten Key, the Arsenicker Islands and Cutter Bank will have hungry fish on them as well. Have a silver dollar size blue crab ready of ole rubber lips Mr. Permit as they have been in many of the same areas as the bonefish. There have been plenty of bluerunners, jack crevalles and yellowjacks willing to eat a large live shrimp fished near the bottom in many of the Finger Channels. Low tide at Soldier Key on Saturday will be at 8:31 in the morning.


If your boat floats shallow enough then check out the shallow grass flats near Palm Key for redfish and snook. On the higher stages of the tides these fish have been tailing or hanging around the pot holes up on the flats. It’s pretty grassy up there so your lures need to be rigged weedless or the fish won’t be able to see your bait. Along the shorelines from East Cape north to Lostman’s River snook have been schooling and can be targeted for catch and release. A live pinfish fished under a Cajun Thunder float or hooked to a ¼ ounce Hookup lure jig head has been deadly on these fish. Over the grass flats near Conchie Channel, First National Bank and the banks out by Sandy Key plenty of snappers, jacks, ladyfish and sharks will keep you busy. Fish a chunk of pinfish from under a Cajun Thunder float and you should do just fine. Tarpon fishing has been pretty good on the outgoing tides along the coast from Sable Creek north to the Harney River. The fish have been eating live mullet. Plenty of lemon sharks are also in the area. High tide at Flamingo in Florida Bay on Saturday will be at 8:32 AM and at the mouth of Shark River high tide is at 6:45 AM.








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