Fernandina Beach to Flagler Beach
Includes Jacksonville and St. Augustine

July 14-16


Kingfish are a hot fish to catch literally with average daily temps in the upper ninety degree mark and a upcoming greater Jacksonville Kingfish tournament. Large Kingfish have always preferred warm water temps of high 80’s or above bringing them in close to beach break areas feeding on pogy schools. This could be a great pattern to focus on especially in our local forecast area barring any thermoclines that may cool things off. Ribbon fish rigged with small treble hooks and light drag or live pogy trolled slow within sight of land Flash and wiggle drawing in strikes hope fully from a giant King. Sharks , Tarpon are going to be expected but that’s the game to be played , the quicker you can straighten rigs and get lines back out the more efficient your Kingfishing trips will be. Smaller kings schooled up on wrecks 10 miles and further out. Bottom fishing has been decent with vermilion , grouper , seabass , amberjack and trigger fish with the further you go out the better. Dolphin, sailfish and a slight chance of a wahoo for Blue water anglers trolling rigged ballyhoo starting 60 miles out just before ledge.


Coming off a nip tide full moon last weekend tides should start to normalize and with that bring a decent bite for inshore species like trout, redfish and flounder. If you choose to fish back water areas off the Intracoastal you should notice shrimp jumping everywhere especially on casting drops and trolling motor shallow mud flats. The rain has helped the shrimp hatch immensely and there are some big shrimp to be cast netted at night with bait to bring them in. Now is the time to match the hatch with Shrimp imitation lures such as root beer, pink, or black gold flake for soft plastic colors, Unfair lures 110 fast suspend shrimp which is actually a topwater worked in top dog presentation , natural colors a top choice for early morning or striking fish anytime during the day. Flounder should be a top choice for bank anglers fishing Nassau sound, Valano bridge, Matanzas inlet , or anywhere near a inlet with public access. Live mullet or mud minnows dragged on the bottom off sand drops or structure. Spinner baits are a strong option to cover water and trick flounder into biting. Overall you never know what you might catch with a simple shrimp live or dead on the bottom for beginner anglers just wanting to enjoy some fishing. The fishing is wide open with more different species to be had than any other time of the year. Get out there and enjoy.

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