Just like other predator calls it’s simple to use with good results, but now you have the opportunity to call in one of the most feared predators.

The first of its kind, the LP-23 Gator Call.

Hand crafted from the finest wood, The LP-23 Gator Call mimics the sound of a baby gator about to hatch from its nest. That sound turns the heads of the hungriest gator and they come right for it. Alligators are a fierce predator that love to eat baby gators and they are known to raid the nest as the babies are hatching.

If your an avid hunter who likes to call in your predator then the LP-23 gator call will get the job done for you.

The gator calling method opens a whole new and exciting way to hunt gators. Alligators keen sense of smell, sight and hearing bring to the table challenges to get down wind and out of sight to draw them in with your call and ambush them. Just like calling in elk you have to have a good understanding of what the elk is wanting to hear, and that is the sounds of a sexy cow. In the case of the gator he is listening for his next meal and when he hears that sound the LP-23 gator call makes he immediately reacts to that sound from all the other noises you hear when your out in the swamp.

Sink your lips tight into the call and make the sound “MER” several times into the call. The Design of the call turns the sound into acoustic sound waves that the gator hears from a distance.

So get ready with your choice of weapon, wether it be a crossbow, a harpoon, a fishing pole or any weapon your state laws allow you to hunt with cause gator hunting just got interesting.

MSRP: $125.00 each or 3 for $300.00


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