Are you a Florida Sportsman? Are you someone likely to be found casting inshore, poling a flat, fishing offshore, climbing a tree stand or diving a coral ledge? Is this you? Do you care about the resource? Do you teach others to cherish the outdoors? Do you dream of new adventures on the water or in the field?

Do you live by the Florida Sportsman Credo? Someone that enjoys and respects Florida’s Outdoors… including offshore fishermen, inshore and freshwater…and boaters, divers and hunters… who fight for benefits of all sportsmen… who strives to protect fish and wildlife… employs traditional and fair
methods… teaches youngsters to cherish the outdoors… joins others to foster sound public policy… sees value in sharing knowledge and is willing to help others… finds a sense of adventure and finds a sense of adventure and fun on the water or in the woods.

If so, then you’re a Florida Sportsman, and we’d like to feature you. Tell us about yourself. Or, tell us about a friend. If you’re selected we’ll include your story and portrait in the magazine. Send your story to

(See a roster of Florida Sportsman by clicking here, Are you a Florida Sportsman?)

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