If you follow the trends in fishing styles, it’s easy to conclude that shallow water angling is as popular, if not more popular than ever. The need for a boat that will travel across skinny water safely and get you further into the back water is a demand we see being met with increasing regularity. While Florida anglers typically think of traditional “flats boats” to serve this need, a growing segment of the angling community are realizing the usefulness of a hull design made famous on Texas bay flats and incorporating them into Florida style fisheries. The Blue Wave 2200 STL is a perfect example of this style of boat. Blue Wave starts with a rounded tunnel design and “slot transom” to allow the boat to not only float shallow, but run shallow as well. The placement of the engine between the extended running surface (sponsons) allows water being forced through the tunnel to feed the prop water in the keyhole slot. This effect, combined with the ability to raise the engine higher out of the water on a Jackplate enables the boat to lift onto plane and maintain plane at lower speed, over shallower water. It also provides a level take off reducing bow rise on a hole shot which saves both the flats you fish and your lower unit/prop.

An additional benefit (and no insignificant one) is the extreme fishability of this style boat. The 2200 STL features forward and rear casting decks which provide numerous storage/fishbox options. The deck layout is common to bay style boats everywhere accommodating multiple anglers fore and aft but of particular interest is the elevated Helm Riser. This is a design that you’ll be seeing more of and for good reason. The elevation allows you an infinitely better vantage to both spot fish, and to navigate the shallow waters where you’ll find these boats playing. Running along over vast backwater flats in times of decreased visibility is tricky from eye level to the water. Every foot of added elevation adds to your ability to spot an oncoming shoal or tailing fish ahead. This console riser also gets you above the water without having to climb into and out of a tower which keeps you closer to the action should you need to make a quick cast or land a fish for someone. This offering from Blue Wave will change the way a lot of Floridians picture a shallow water fishing boat. To see a complete list of features visit www.bluewaveboats.com


Length – 22’ 2”

Beam – 8’

Draft – 8”

Max HP – 200
Fuel – 50-Gal

Dry weight – 1550#

MSRP- $43,450.00 w/ 200 Suzuki

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