With the world staring into their palms for news, updates and notifications it was time Florida Sportsman rolled out a mobile friendly website. This week Florida Sportsman’s website will be responsive, meaning the site will conform to the size of the device the reader is using. “With nearly 50% of the people coming to our site via their mobile devices it’s been long overdue that we update our site,” commented Blair Wickstrom, Publisher of Florida Sportsman.

The last site update for Florida Sportsman was in 2011, where there were numerous changes to the navigation and sections offered. This update will be less impactful, but visitors to the site will be happy with the consolidated sections and ease of navigation aided by key word searches.

“We took out some of the less used sections of the site and added to and featured other more popular sections such as our reports, forecasts and sport fish pages,” Wickstrom said. “The site on your PC might look a little underwhelming, but it’s a result of keeping things responsive for the mobile audience.”

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