Kayak on steroids

The Solo Skiff can best be described as a hybrid kayak-like vessel, borrowing features from different types of water craft. A split-tailed rear with an elevated transom handles a low-horsepower outboard or trolling motor for propulsion. Incorporated into the stern is a flush run-off deck that allows water to self-bail. A raised seat, doubles as a fishing platform as well as the access too the storage compartment. The hatch has a heavy-duty latch and large rubber gasket to keep gear dry. Two rod tubes in the forward bulkhead handle 9-foot fly rods.

Feel free to leave the Solo Skiff tied up to the dock, the stern is a flush run-off deck that allows water to self-bail.

Incorporated into the hull of the skiff are two rod tubes in the forward bulkhead that can handle a up to 9-foot fly rods.

The open rear of the Solo Skiff allows water to run off instantly and features a grab bar that makes launching and loading from a truck easy.

The Solo Skiff logo proudly displayed on the side of the hull, while floating in just a few inches of water.

Standing while casting, and fishing in a Solo Skiff is easy given the design of the hull and the open cockpit floor.

With plenty of uncluttered space, landing a fish in the Solo Skiff is easy.

The Solo Skiffs forward deck features a built in cooler that drains thru the bottom for easy cleaning and doubling as a bait well.

A single raised seat opens up to the inside of the hull for a huge amount of storage and doubles as a raised fishing platform.

Another view of the Solo Skiffs slick kayak like hull showing the motor in full tilt mode. The Solo allows for up to a 5 Hp. Engine.

Solo Skiff
Jacksonville, FL

Length: 15 feet, 5 inches
Beam: 42 inches
Dry weight (hull only): 150 pounds
Max horsepower: 5 hp
Base Price: $1,850 (without power)

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