Florida’s Coral Reef Awareness Program

A marine scientist assesses damages on Breakers Reef in Palm Beach. Photo: Bill Fay, ATM.


It’s worth reminding boaters of Florida’s Coral Reef Protection Act and what it entails.

The consequences of not being aware of proper boat navigation, handling and anchoring practices, especially around coral reefs and seagrass beds, can be calamitous for boaters—and often result in serious fines.

There is a wealth of knowledge available and plenty of resources to protect yourself and our natural resources. Multiple fact sheets that give an overview found at: Florida’s Reef Injury Prevention and Response Program.


Check the website and on the right-hand side look at  “Quick Links.”  There is also a new person, Jena Sansgaard, the Reef Injury Prevention & Response Coordinator, heading up the efforts to protect reefs in our state.

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