The Gheenoe has become somewhat of a cult favorite among light tackle backwater fishing folks for a number of reasons. This little micro skiff/ canoe on steroids is probably one of the most customizable little boats you’ll find on the water. Many people have chosen the Gheenoe as an entry level boat to jump into the shallow water game and never looked back. This boat can be built to specs by the owner in so many configurations it has become somewhat of a club one joins when you put one together. The LT(low tide)25 is right up there on the list of favorites for flats anglers for exploring the backwater. It offers the benefits of a shallow drafting canoe that is super stable due to a reverse chine design and combines that with the roominess and power options of a micro skiff. Powered by a 25-HP outboard with a center console this boat will go almost anywhere in water as shallow as 5” and get you to spots not many other boats can reach. They are easily poled and rigged with an elevated console with center steering that offers good visibility while running. The list of add on features this company offers on their build sheet is impressive to say the least and I’ve seen some of the most creative owner add-ons on these boats you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a plain “bare bones” model to start with or want to build a super tricked out version that turns heads at every boat ramp, for a multi-purpose hunt/fish/play boat that is easily towable behind any vehicle that you can primitive launch and explore just about anywhere, it would be hard not to give this boat some serious consideration.


LOA – 16’
Beam – 56”
Draft – 5”
Transom height – 16”
Weight – 270lb
Max HP- 25

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