Maverick Boat Group Enhances Their Support of CCA Florida STAR

Maverick Boat Group announced its official sponsorship of the 2017 Coastal Conservation Association’s (CCA) Florida Statewide Tournament and Angler’s Rodeo (STAR), Florida’s largest fishing tournament. MBG is not only continuing to provide STAR a Pathfinder 2200TRS as the Official Bay Boat but they will also provide a Maverick 17 HPX-S as the Official Shallow Water Skiff of the CCA Florida STAR Tournament presented by Yamaha Motors.

“We are very pleased to have Maverick Boat Group not only continue their Tagged Redfish sponsorship of STAR in 2017, but step up by providing an additional boat for the Tagged Redfish Division,” said Leiza Fitzgerald, CCA Florida STAR Tournament Director. “For some time now, MBG has been leading the way with their support of CCA and our initiatives that will help to address the challenges facing coastal fisheries. Thanks to the support of boat manufactures like Maverick Boat Group, CCA can leverage the tournament to help all STAR participants in developing a heightened appreciation for the challenges faced by Florida’s saltwater fishery.”

Florida STAR is a Catch & Photo tournament designed to educate the general public about the importance of conservation of Florida’s marine resources. The format encourages sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages to protect and conserve Florida’s fishery resources for future viability and availability for all recreational anglers. STAR is one of the most angler inclusive tournaments in the state with over 5,000 adult and youth anglers participating. CCA Florida STAR will aid in the collection of significant scientific data while providing anglers of all skill levels with the opportunity to participate and win in a family-friendly angling competition.

“Maverick Boat Group’s sponsorship of Florida STAR further underscores our commitment to the conservation of U.S. coastal waterways and also expands our saltwater tournament support efforts,” said Charlie Johnson, Maverick Boat Group’s Director of Marketing. “This tournament is unique as it really opens competition up to all saltwater anglers while simultaneously working to collect scientific data.”

Over one hundred and fifty specially tagged redfish are the main attraction in the Second Annual Statewide CCA Florida STAR tournament. Weeks prior to the start of the tournament CCA Florida officials release these tagged redfish throughout hundreds of miles of Florida’s gulf coast and bays along the east & west coast. Properly registered participants who catch one of these tagged redfish could win their choice of a boat/motor/trailer package or a new truck.

The CCA Florida STAR tournament kicks off Saturday, May 27, 2017, Memorial Day weekend, and ends at 5 p.m., Labor Day, September 4, 2017, offering participants 101 days of fishing. With nearly $500,000 in prizes and scholarships, STAR anticipates recruiting over 7,500 participants, making it Florida’s largest saltwater fishing tournament again in 2017.

For more information about the CCA Florida STAR tournament, Maverick Boat Group or to register, please visit

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