One of the most effective inshore baits is the soft plastic shrimp. Add some scent into the mix and you have a deadly bait that will tease snook, redfish, trout, and more into biting right through your hook. Only issue is, if the bait isn’t fastened properly to your hook, it will spin and do all kinds of crazy, non-shrimp like movements under the water.

In this FS Seminar, Florida Sportsman’s Rick Ryals give two tried and true methods of hooking up soft plastics that will make your presentation look as natural as possible.

One method, using a weighted jighead, works best in conditions where there is deeper water and current. The other, uses a hook (weight optional) with a pin to secure the itself into the soft plastic; the hook point sits just right to where it can remain free of debris when getting pulled through grass laden flats.

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