Northeast Florida Weekend Fishing 4cast

Fernandina Beach to Flagler Beach
Includes Jacksonville and St. Augustine

January 13-15


Checking Safe Harbor seafood docks with the one and only Watty Watson, looks like plenty of bee liner’s, trigger’s, cobia and wahoo. Best fishing has come from deeper wrecks out in water depths of 120 feet or deeper. There was a major swell pushing through the Gulf Stream that may have dropped water temps surrounding the stream which would create a dramatic water temperature change barrier. You can check ocean surface water temp’s online and this can help wahoo anglers key on certain areas, especially where the stream has created a flow of water outside it’s normal realm. Weather has been unseasonably warm and calm making a great window of opportunity to get out this weekend.


The sheepshead are biting, from main jetty areas off our main inlets or well inland on bridge or dock pilings. Fiddler crabs have been the bait of choice either by using a drop shot rig, very similar to what a bass fisherman would use a light Carolina rig. The drop shot is best when your fishing straight up and down. Where the Carolina rig works better is when you’re letting a bait flow with the current along a structure. Hooks are always a discussion and from my own personal experience I try to use a circle hook when ever I can. I like the fact that when the fish takes the fiddler just adding a small amount of pressure will be enough to get the fish well hooked. When they’re hooked on a circle, it’s extremely hard for them to shake off. When choosing a hook you don’t want something to thin as it will bend either from fighting a sheephead or from getting hung up. I like a strong hook in either a 3/0 or 4/0 size and I always have a hook sharpener handy as to keep my points sharp. My favorite rod choice for jetty rocks is seven and a half foot with a soft tip. The soft tip helps the angler with adding a small amount of pressure to the hook and that is key for getting in a rhythm for hooking sheepshead. That goes for standard J-hooks, also the start of the hook set is the same. Beach and surf anglers should enjoy some decent whiting fishing this weekend especially on incoming tides keying on slough areas along the beach. Fresh dead shrimp are always best and just to make sure some anglers will purchase shrimp alive to make sure. Nassau to Matanzas should provide opportunities. When picking a beach, keep in mind if you’re not getting bites either adjust by moving or adjust the weight size your using depending on strength of current. {904-866-8055} Email Roger Bump

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    Let me be the First to comment. Have you checked my Wednesday?

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    Spinnerbaits for Flounder…never heard of such a thing…

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    Why won’t a judge ok snapper catches for the public? Do we not matter anymore? They can authorize killing fish we have had restrictions on for years for commercial fisherman. I think we should all just do as we please due to lack of common sense in all areas by our government. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

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    This report is very in informative and not even worth reading sticking to the Thursday night 92.5 fm show. Get someone new on here that is not cocky and erogant.

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    Weekend Fishing report is suppose to be done on Thursday Night….. Whats up with This?????????

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    Florida sportsman has to get rid of Bump he reports are absolutely ridiculous. Very not informational.

    • Amanda Lowe

      Bob, it sounds like your fishing skills are as poor as your your grammar… I have been on several charters with Captain Roger Bump. He has put me on the fish every single time. Bump is one of the many reasons I love Florida Sportman!!

      • Fumar Rogers

        Thank you, Roger.

    • Harriet Hershey Simmons

      Bob, I have to disagree with you. I find his reports and videos very informative. He is passionate about fishing and helping people learn the skills they need to catch the fish they are targeting. I, like Amanda, have also been on several charters with Captain Bump, including two where we were targeting Tarpon and he succeeded in putting us on them – and landing them – most importantly. Memories and pictures to last a lifetime. Other charters were equally productive, catching exactly what we were targeting and it left us with knowledge about how to catch those same fish on our own.

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    Roger, pay no mind – one in every crowd. Your reports are appreciated.

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    I wait every week for his weekend fishing forecast. I’ve never been with him on a charter, I know if I did my fishing ne florida would be more productive.

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    Is it me or are his reports getting posted later and later each week?

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    Roger bump is one of the best charter Captains in Florida. Have been on many, many charters with him and he has taught me and my sons more about fishing than I could have EVER imagined. He’s a great fisherman and I owe him a lot!!

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    Captain Roger Bump knows fishing! I have been on 5
    Charters with the captain and all were successful.
    I will be chartering captain Bump in the future.
    He is a teacher on the water.

    Eric Durham

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    When he writes a report

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    a rather generic report for several 100 miles of coast line and inland waters.No mention of water temps,or the recent and current thermocline. No mention of migratory baits no mention from other sources from St Auggie and Flagler. I’ll be on S.Anastasia Island in about 3 weeks,and I always look for solid and accurate out door e reports before I head south.Sadly this is not on eo fthem

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    Wow you guys are really homo for each other. Bump may be a great fisherman but his reports are the most watered down attempt at getting me fired up about fishing. It actually feels like I just wasted the time I spent reading it. Mr. Bump. You better be a better fisherman than writer because, damn, you suck.

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      Voting for Hillary, huh?

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    Looking for guidance. Looking for a stating point. I just move to Florida and brought with me my 25 footer. Haven’t fish in a while but I’m looking for a reel and rod recommendations to set up for Wahoo and kingfish. Been looking at YouTube videos but isn’t fishing for 50 lb. Wahoo’s with 80-100lb line a little extreme? Thanks for the tips.

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    Ok. That is enough out of you Bob. Following this forecast has helped feed my familly some of the best fish in the world more times than I can count. Bye. Off to find some dinner.

  • Gary Smith

    Thanks sir for the report, I’ll give mine to any interested. Fished the St Johns around Green Cove Springs the last two days and its been crazy awesome. Everything caught on shrimp carolina rig. Flounder, Jacks, Reds, Striped bass, both days. Both! The reds are small on average but if you watch the “rain” of spots, pogies, moving around you can pick off the big ones. We got 2 around 22 inches and one at 24. The striped bass were actually the hybrids, sunshine bass, I actually think they are better tasting than the reds but that is preference I guess. The flounder we are catching are about 14 inches but caught one that was 17. Caught 3 total. I didn’t even think it was time for them to be out there. The bait is EVERYWHERE. We catch shrimp at 730 am right off the shands bridge, you’ll see the boats, and they are huge right now, about 7-8 inch lobsters and we catch about 50 in 20 mins. Albeit slow, I mean to be honest 3-4 per throw of the net but we also weren’t baiting. I’m allergic to them so just use them for bait, so if you want bait, shands bridge, you want food, go to Palatka. Jack Crevalle are everywhere and Ive never seen them before. Weird. Had something on that broke 30# flouro. Shark? This was all happening Sept 25th to the 27th. Tally for two days fishing, 9 hours, 5 redfish, 3 sunshine bass, 6 jacks (which we threw back) 4 stingrays, 8 catfish, threw them back too, and 4 flounder. Fish fry next weekend for eight people with cole slaw, limes off the tree, cheese grits, and homemade hushpuppies and tarter sauce lol. Have fun guys, it is crazy awesome out there right now. My advice, weedlines and early to 10am is when we caught pretty much everything.

  • Gary Smith

    October 2. 6 Redfish longest 26″ and a mangrove snapper. I couldnt believe we caught a mangrove in greencove lol. Got an alligator gar too, it was about 3 feet long but got off right at the boat lol but I was glad. We caught all of this by 9am and got out there at 7am. It’s fishin time yall! Again caught shrimp at the shands bridge then headed to our new honey hole. Gonna concentrate on mangroves tomorrow!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! LOL. Not posting pics this time unless someone asks ;)

    • Gary Smith

      Going out tomorrow 630 a.m. I’ll leave a report. ;)

      • Gary Smith

        Today sucked, too much weather screwed everything up and we decided to head back in. If I haven’t caught a fish by 9 Im done lol. Going back out tomorrow. :)