Florida Big Bend Weekend Fishing 4Cast

Homosassa to Steinhatchee
Includes Homosassa, Crystal River, Yankeetown, Waccasassa Bay, Cedar Key, Suwannee, Horseshoe Beach, Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach

January 13-15

After a very cold weekend the water in the Gulf has hit the upper fifties. The drop in water temps opens new opportunity’s for small boat and shore bound anglers. The cold water will push our trout, redfish, black drum and others up the spring fed rivers. Citrus County and the Big Bend has many areas to fish from the bank. Ozello Trail and the Ft. Island Trail host some good bank fishing opportunity’s. At this past Sundays Christies 5th Annual Heckerling Fishing Event, the anglers on board caught redfish, trout, black drum and sheepshead all within sight of a public fishing pier on the Crystal River. Free lined live shrimp was the best bait.

On the shallow rocks the sheepshead bite should be going in full swing. This weeks full moon and cold water will start their spawning activity’s. Live shrimp on a knocker rig or ¼ 0z. jig head will get the job done. Incoming high tide will be in the late afternoon this weekend.

Capt. William Toney | (352) 422-4141 | captwilliamtoney@bontheweb.net | www.homosassainshorefishing.com

  • Jib Killian

    Capt. Thompson,

    is there anyplace local that has the Tactical Angler Clips? Have gone on line and the only dealers on their web sight are in NY, NJ and RI. Would like to do business locally around Gainesville if possible.


    Jib Killian

  • Tommy SPHS66

    Jib…"crazy Alberto" is trying to get some dealers set up, but so far no luck in our area. Ebay seems to be the best bet. I recommend the 50-pound version for inshore fishing. TT

  • Bob

    Can anybody out there provide the FWC scallop count in all the count areas, especially St. Joe Bay and Steinhatchee. Can’t understand why FWC won’t release the count when the season opens Saturday.

  • Jon

    You do relize that it is illegal to catch and release alligators. You might want to read up on the regulations about hunting alligators in the state of Florida since you do adise people to go to the FWC web site. Just thought you should know.

  • dave bigfish williams

    big fish Williams will be back on water in 2 weeks coming back from 5 months in the great smokie mt . watch out fish retired now its fishing time

  • dave bigfish williams

    have the trout moved into the creeks off the suwanee

  • bigfish

    friend and I fished creeks near 10 pan gap sat trout up to 20 ins and keeper reds release 20 16in reds a lot of fun

  • fishinjoe

    there is something going on in the big bend area. In the spring the real big span-mac did not show up like the past years and the white bait schools were week in side of ten miles. spring trout fishing and red fishing was good but the fall was not as good as years before. The big trout run it the fall was bad overall and the bull red run was week. all my fishing friends here in yankeetown can’t find any fish anywhere the last few months. whats going on here? I fish this area for 40 years and in the past 10 years 3-5 times a week I catch alot of fish but something is not right here. I can tell you i did find tarballs at the grassflats out side lowsbay this fall? redtide? early cold spell? what is up????

  • Doug

    Anyone fishing Steinhatchee area? Headed there next week for scalloping but taking the 8wt in hopes to catch some fish on it south of the mouth. Any pointers,advice?

  • Ray Cramer

    I really like the recent comments, i e 3 years ago?

  • Ray Cramer

    why are these posts so dam old?