Florida 10,000 Islands Weekend Fishing 4Cast

Naples to Flamingo
Includes Naples, Marco Island, Everglades City and Chokoloskee

January 13-15

Weather & Tides

With the passing of the full moon on Thursday, expect negative low tides in the morning giving way to screaming incomings the balance of the day. Water temps plummeted to the mid to high 50 degree range throughout much of the region after last weekend’s cold front, but they are gradually climbing back to the low 60 degree mark. Outlook for the weekend looks good weather-wise with moderate easterly winds and dry conditions.


Snook generally are quite lethargic when fronts pass through and drop the water temperatures, but for some reason this week, they cooperated, albeit they were in the warmest waters in the area, so continue finding water temps in the mid 60 degree range and the snook should cooperate. The early morning lows should give sight fishermen in the region a field day as area linesiders and redfish will find the dark bottomed muddy bays to sun themselves. As the tides rise, they’ll set up on the nearest oyster bars, mangrove lined shorelines and undercut banks within adjacent passes. This is a great opportunity to find some fairly large laid up fish in the backcountry, but as always, approach them with stealth or you will be staring at mud clouds in the water all morning.

Trout continue to shine with some really nice sized fish being caught. Remember, you are only allowed one fish over 20” in your four per person daily limit. The speckled, yellow mouths are setting up in the deeper holes and in the eddies behind points as the winter time patterns settle in. The tried and true 3/8 ounce bucktail is the ticket in brown or natural colored hues. Play with color as trout are notorious for being color selective and always tip these jigs with a thumbnail sized piece of shrimp. Anything larger will alter the action and the rig will cartwheel upon retrieval.


With the forecasted weather this weekend, the nearshore bite up to 20 miles should have favorable sea conditions with the easterly winds. Get out early while they are in the single digits as long runs back to the dock in the afternoon against easterly winds in the low to mid teen range can be rough and take considerably more time to get back to port. It sounds like a broken record, but concentrate on the stellar red grouper bite pretty much anywhere from 55 to 85 feet using cut threadfins and live pinfish. The pinfish are taking the larger fish along with some bonus gag grouper, albeit the gag grouper season in now closed, so no harvest is allowed. In addition, closer to shore in the 30-55 foot range, the lane snappers are running quite large this month, so take advantage of these tasty critters. Be on the lookout for tripletail when running spot to spot as the full on barrage of fishing pressure they received sent them to the deepest crab trap buoys and floating debris. Also be on the lookout for roaming cobia and free floating tripletail when making your runs.

Until next week, tight lines and screamin’ drags….

Captain Steve Dall
USCG Licensed Captain- 10K Islands & Estero Bay
(239) 405-9898

  • 10K2

    Yo Captain wheres your report ? Cant fish without it ?

  • Todd Mulholland

    No updates since 2/20-2/22 either the fishing had been really bad or it’s been really, really, really good. LOL

  • MegalopsAtlanticus

    Do you need someone to write weekend forecasts? Looks like Merritt has bailed out.

    • Todd Mulholland

      Yea nothing since 2/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps they need someone else to do the reports?

  • Fatheadred

    I think he gave up. I guess we will be fishing blind this weekend.

  • Kevin Maguire

    Looks like this weekend should be good for nearshore wreck fisherman on half day trips looking for snapper and grouper a larger can grouper be found in depth of 75 feet of water and enclosing the bite should turn on from the south end of Marco with tarpon snook and redfish starting to take center stage with a side note of the speckled sea trout still remaining prevalent a long grass flats in Sandy surfaces with moving current. Baitsof choice have been shrimp or jig under a poping cork or small artificial bait both hard and soft make sure you circle hooks let’s not be greedy only take home what you intend to eat so everyone can have fun out there. And one of my favorite lines from a captain I look up to do yourself a favor and take a kid fishing!!!

  • Todd Mulholland

    Fish are starting to move out of the back country. We came across a LARGE school of black drum , had a 5′ black tip shark bump my push pole and lost a really nice snook, all in one of the middle bays this past weekend. So fish are on the move!

  • http://www.maxbusinessprofits.com Sergio DeCesare

    I wish some body would give a report for areas north of Gordons Pass to bonita beach. it seems that is one of those in between areas but Ive caught plenty of fish offshore in that area but Id like to know whats beng caught around the Wiggins Pass area, In and out.

  • mike

    Capt. Kevin, I know u r pretty much out of the business, but can u get someone to write us an up to date note on the fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands area?

  • Bingo Greer

    Kevin isn’t fishing much anymore and obviously is not doing the weekly forecasts. Get someone from Goodland to do the forecasts…..

    • Todd Mulholland

      Looks like even the blog on his own site hasn’t been updated since October.

  • Maggie McCollum

    You should contact Capt. Donnie Kisch in Goodland to do the reports. He lives down there and fishes as much as anyone. He was part of the team that took over Kevin’s business there.

  • Todd Mulholland

    FS Thanks for at least putting up the Action Spotter teh the 10K Region every little bit helps & good luck on finding a replacement captain, hopefully soon.

  • KeyWest1515

    Thank you for posting such a great report Capt Steve! I am new to backwater fishing and am completely addicted…this information helps us new guys learn a lot faster than on our own. Thank you again.

    Tight lines!

  • 10K2

    Great report Cap! Keep em coming !

  • 10K2

    Yo Cap ! Where’s your report ? You write some great reports but we need them more often !