Billions of gallons of polluted water discharged from Lake Okeechobee to the coast.

Please, folks, talk quantities. Pretty please. With sugar on it.

Sugar, to be sure, is the right substance to use if you’re referring to the deadly pollution
of our estuaries and Everglades by the extreme over-drainage of Glades turned into Big Sugar land.

All the independent experts know by now that the gushers of polluted fresh water discharged to the two coastal estuaries to keep the Everglades Agricultural Area arable for raising cane are the prime source of our toxic algae goo and hydrologic mortality.

Our power structure even comes up with supposed fixes for the very sad problem.

Unfortunately, the kept politicians spew generalities that fail to really address the quantities involved, like the trillions of gallons over the years ruining the outdoors and our life quality.

Thus, we’re peppered with one failed fix after another. And the profiteering rages on.

The crucial question we all must ask and demand answers to is just how much the projects now being ballyhooed might reduce the harmful discharges. And when, certainly.

The biggest so-called remedy is CEPP (Central Everglades Planning Project) which when it was trotted out and promoted revealed that it might cut discharges by no more than 14 percent.

Then there’s water farming, or water farcing, which may amount to another shot glass or two.

And now we have the Double Circle adventure in which a sugar-indebted senator has two circles drawn on a map with no logical landmarks or science-based research. He’s garnering headlines as fast as he can open his wallet.

What hurts the most is that the true fix sits right there for the taking—the Plan Six Flowway. This is a concept drawn by the Corps itself back in ’94.

Give it a read if you haven’t done so, at

Plan Six, the only fix.

First Published Florida Sportsman December 2016

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