World Cat

Cruising along smartly here with 7 passengers and plenty of room for more.

Whether you like to fish, dive, cruise or camp on a boat, it’s difficult to find a boat that does all of these jobs without some tradeoffs. If one were looking for a boat that wore many hats and did so without many sacrifices, the World Cat 320 DC is worth serious consideration. Generally speaking, most people choose a boat design based on their most serious occupation or what they spend most of their time actually doing on the water. Along with that decision they accept the fact that there will be concessions to make when you try to mix it up. The 320DC combines the attributes of many different styles of boat into a single roomy package.

The first thing you’ll notice about the boat is how much lounging area she has (seating for 14) along with the ease of getting in and out of the water via the oversized transom platform and boarding ladder. You’d be hard pressed to find a better dive platform this size. Along with this you’ll notice a console cabin on the port side with a 72”x54” berth, Microwave, HD LED TV with DVD, rod storage and a cedar lined locker. Opposite, is a starboard side cabin with a marine head, 45-gallon fresh water tank and 6-gallon water heater. Add AC to the cabin with a cockpit vent that blows cold air at the helmsman, a Bridge deck refrigerator and 1300w electric grill built into the mix and you start to see how this might be the true Swiss Army knife of family boats. Along with the normal fishing boat features we expect such as plenty of fish box and storage space, live well, fresh and raw water wash-downs etc. The 320DC really packs a ton of useful features into a boat her size with a little something for everybody.

* LOA: 32’2″

* Beam: 10’6″

* Hull Draft: 16″

* Freeboard Aft: 26″

* Transom Height: 25″

* Fuel Capacity: 279 gals

* Max HP Rating: 600 HP

* Approx. Dry Weight: 12,500 lbs.

* Trailering Height: 11’2″

* Bridge Clearance: 9’8″

* Cockpit Length: 74″

* Freshwater Capacity: 45 gal

* Wastewater Capacity: 15 gal

* Typical Cruise: 24 mph / 1.5 mpg

* Typical WOT: 45 mph / 0.83 mpg

1090 West Saint James St., Taboro, NC 27886

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