Preparing a Lionfish

WTVJ’s (NBC 6) Jennifer Reeves speaks with Guy Harvey’s Dave Chafin, who demonstrates the art of cleaning/preparing lionfish. Lionfish are a non-native species that are devastating reefs by aggressively preying on juvenile fish and invertebrates. They are well known for their ornate beauty, venomous spines and unique tentacles. However, with the right preparation, lionfish make for a delicious meal.

  • L. Scott Harrell

    Lionfish are NOT poisonous, they are venomous… there is a big difference.

  • JB

    did he really say that the venomous spires are still deadly IF you step on them, AFTER the fish is dead? Then how come a diver is cutting the venomous spires OFF in the water and leaving them at the bottom of the sea? I am not a diver, but, that could be a problem-unless divers never walk on the bottom? The I am wrong.

    • Dave

      Divers shouldn’t be walking on the bottom. Not only does this tamper with the natural habitat of many different sea creatures, it stirs up the sand and muck reducing visibility and pissing off the other divers with you. Something will probably end up eating spines anyway.