Top Tips for Sight Fishing

During this FS Seminar, Florida Sportsman editor Jeff Weakley gives indispensable tips on searching for fish while sight fishing.

Weakley explains how anglers often overlook the importance of height while fishing the flats and scanning for laid up or roaming fish. Then, at the heart of sight fishing, he explains the importance of recognizing the aspects of shape, motion, and color while scanning for fish.

Also, don’t forget to wear a quality pair of polarized sunglasses! Otherwise, you would be better off back at the dock.

  • Shawn Alexander

    This was really helpful to me in being a simple, clear, and well illustrated guide on the basic things to think about when sight fishing. So many of the videos on here are excellent. Hoping they help me in Ten Thousand Islands next week. Thanks Jeff!


    So now a spook gets attached to a $20 bill…how wonderful.

    • G. Clatterbuck

      Seriously, this is 2016. Surely some adult moderates this discussion.