While most anglers don’t save the roe from dolphin fish, for others, it’s the best part to eat. Of course, there are other roe dishes—from shad and mullet, flying fish for sushi, not to mention caviar, that are better known, but for those in the know, roe is the way to go. Scrambled eggs with roe is a popular dish across the board, but that’s just the start of what a good cook can do with roe.

FS member Johnny Baccala, who in his post says he’s just returned from Sicily with some salted, dried tuna roe, has requested some feedback on ways to cook dolphin roe, and he’s been richly rewarded with answers and recipes from the down home to the fancy. But what it comes down to is this: If you’re game to try it, you’ve just found a way to get at least another meal out of that fish. Then, a bonus: the thread jumps to other out of the ordinary, catchable dinners. Grilled sardines, anyone? Good stuff!

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