Egret Baits announces the offering of a new VuDu Shrimp version to its lineup, a 3.5-inch model with a kangaroo-like belly pocket designed to hold an internal glass rattle.

“Due to the immense popularity of VuDu Shrimp, we embarked on a slightly larger version of our original 3.25-inch version, one with a belly pocket to hold a small, glass rattle,” Egret Baits’ Ken Chaumont said.

“Anglers also know well the advantages of adding some rattle to their lures to attract all inland species, and we designed this model for such a possibility.”

According to Chaumont, the internal glass rattle can also be removed if a quiet presentation is preferred.

“We’ve also had a huge demand for a VuDu Shrimp version that can be cast farther and more accurately especially from anglers who freeline this lure when swimming it,” he said. “We therefore increased the weight of the jighead of the 3.5-inch version to ¼-ounce.”

Egret Baits’ new 3.5-inch VuDu Shrimp with Rattling Chamber and ¼-ounce jighead will come pre-rigged, two-per-pack and available in all colors. For more information visit

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