In this FS Seminar, Rick Ryals shows us that heading offshore for tasty bottom creatures doesn’t always require picking up frozen baits or stopping to throw the net or sabiki rig, it can be as easy as grabbing a pack of scented soft plastic lures.

These days, inshore fisherman know the value of a stinky soft plastic bait when fishing in dark, dirty water, and clear water alike. When the fish can’t see the bait, or are in schools, the stench of a scented bait, like Berkley Gulp!, will not go unnoticed.

This same concept can easily be taken offshore, while fishing the wrecks and reef patches for tasty bottom dwellers like sea bass and an assortment of snappers and groupers. Simply put the scented soft plastic on your jig of choice, weighed appropriately for the current and depth situation, and drop it to the bottom. Usually, best practice is to keep the bait moving; using a slow, rise and fall jigging technique. However, the smell of these baits is fine-tuned enough that fish will leave there cozy ledge or rock home to come investigate, so leaving the bait to sit on the bottom will also get you a fair share of action.

As Ryals demonstrates here, off the waters of Jacksonville Beach, this approach can be deadly!

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