Following is the complete list of 207 independent researchers in the science community who have signed a petition calling for excess Lake Okeechobee water to be stored, treated and sent south. (See September FS Openers column.)

The list includes noted experts such as Chris McVoy, Tom Van Lent and Mark Perry, plus dozens of other scholarly staffers who work out of the limelight but understand the need to re-water the Glades and avoid catastrophic discharges to the coasts.

Text and signers of Go South petition

“As a scientist working in the Everglades, it is my scientific opinion that increased storage and treatment of freshwater south of Lake Okeechobee, and additional flow from the lake southward, is essential to restoring the Everglades, Florida Bay, and the Caloosahatchee and St.Lucie estuaries.”

1 Thomas Van Lent, Everglades Foundation

2 Tom Lodge, TEL Ecological Advisors, Inc.

3 Christopher McVoy, Ecologist

4 Upmanu Lall, Columbia University

5 Stuart Pimm Doris, Duke University

6 Donald DeAngelis, U.S. Geological Survey

7 Robert Johnson, National Park Service

8 Laurel Larsen, University of California, Berkley

9 Robert Twilley , Louisiana State University

10 Bill Mitsch, Florida Gulf Coast University

11 Curtis Richardson, Duke University

12 James A. Kushlan, U.S. Geological Survey(retired)

13 Paul McCormick, Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center

14 Steven M. Davis, Ibis Ecosystem Associates,Inc.

15 Evelyn Gaiser, Florida International University

16 Agnes McLean, National Park Service

17 G.Ronnie Best, U.S. Geological Survey(retired)

18 Fernando Miralles`Wilhelm, University of Maryland

19 Eldredge Bermingham, Frost Museum of Science

20 Jay Sah, Florida International University

21 Jenny Richards, Florida International University

22 Rosanna Rivero, University of Georgia

23 Henry Briceño, Florida International University

24 Rudolf Jaffé, Florida International University

25 Josh Breithaupt, University of South Florida

26 Joe Boyer, Plymouth State University

27 Peter Ortner, University of Miami

28 Joel Trexler, Florida International University

29 Hal Wanless, University of Miami

30 Greg Koch, Zoo of Miami

31 Stephen E. Davis, Everglades Foundation

32 Jordan Barr, Everglades National Park

33 Lance Gunderson, Emory University

34 Lilly Eluvathingal, Florida International University

35 Nima Sharifai, University of Miami

36 Victor Rivera`Monroy, Louisiana State University

37 Joseph Rodriguez

38 Jeffrey Hoch, Nova Southeastern University

39 Justin Cummings, Florida international University

40 Randy Chambers, College of William and Mary

41 Tiara Thanawastien, Biologist

42 Keith Waddington, University of Miami

43 Linda White, University of Miami

44 Suzana Mic Ph.D., Florida International University

45 Nicole Cortez, Florida International University

46 Peter Reiger, Florida International University

47 Jose Fuentes, Penn State University

48 John Volin, University of Connecticut

49 John McManus, University of Miami

50 Dale Gawlik, Florida Atlantic University

51 Kenny Broad, University of Miami

52 Leonard Pearlstine, Everglades National Park

53 David Lee, Florida International University

54 Kevin Kotun, Everglades National Park

55 Mike Rugge, Florida International University

56 Nick Schulte, Florida International University

57 David Ho, University of Hawaii

58 Christina Ugarte`Whelan, Florida International University

59 Hunter Clasen, University of South Florida

60 Melodie Naja, Everglades Foundation

61 Kathleen Sullivan`Sealey, University of Miami

62 Michelle Robinson, Audubon Florida

63 Addys Bode, University of Miami

64 Dana Krempels, University of Miami

65 Jamie Henry, Student

66 Terry Mossberg

67 Megan Burford, University of South Florida

68 Daniel DiResta, University of Miami

69 Mike Heithaus, Florida International University

70 Odalys Guaico

71 Robert McElderry, University of Miami

72 Rene Price, Florida International University

73 Katrina Schwartz, Woodrow Wilson Center

74 Carl Fitz,EcoLandMod, Inc.

75 Peter Frezza, Audubon Florida

76 John Kominoski, Florida International University

77 Sarah Bornhoeft, Florida International University

78 Jackea Gray

79 Sparkle Malone, U.S. Forest Service

80 Emily Nodine, University of Vermont

81 Aida Arik, Everglades Foundation

82 Jerry Lorenz, Audubon Florida

83 Rafael Travieso, Florida International University

84 Simeon Yurek, University of Miami

85 Shimon Wdowinski, University of Miami

86 Kimberly Shaffer, Biologist

87 Wyatt Sharber, University of Miami

88 Phil Darby, University of West Florida

89 Jeff Onsted, Florida International University

90 Edward Linden, Florida International University

91 Rajendra Paudel, Everglades Foundation

92 Benjamin Wilson, Florida International University

93 Sarah Cowles, University of Miami

94 Gregory Starr, University of Alabama

95 Fernando Bretos, Frost Museum of Science

96 Dan Childers, Arizona State University

97 Edward Castañeda, Louisiana State University

98 Andy Gottlieb

99 Nick Oehm, Florida International University

100 Rita Ullman

101 Leonard Scinto, Florida International University

102 Piyush Joshi, University of Miami

103 Sonja Smith, Florida International University

104 Myriam Weinstein

105 Olga Melin, National Parks Conservation Association

106 Sherry Speizer

107 Susan Dailey, Florida International University

108 James Douglass, Florida Gulf Coast University

109 Tiffany Troxler, Florida International University

110 Mark Clark, University of Florida

111 W. Michael Kemp, University of Maryland

112 Gail Hollander, Florida International University

113 Bill Nuttle

114 Martha Sutula, Southern California Coastal Research Project

115 Bob Doren, National Park Service (retired)

116 Evan Isherwood, Duke University

117 Nate Dorn, Florida Atlantic University

118 Bill Loftus, Aquatic Research & Communication, LLC

119 Matt Cohen, University of Florida

120 Andrea Westerband, University of Miami

121 Julia Dallman, University of Miami

122 Alison Giese

123 Sheri Kempinski

124 Olga Sanchez, Florida International University

125 Katie Williamson

126 Christopher Blanar, Nova Southeastern University

127 Julie Harrington, Florida State University

128 Diego Lirman, University of Miami

129 Stephanie Romanach, U.S. Geological Survey

130 Todd Osborne, University of Florida

131 Claire Burgett, Florida International University

132 Laura Ogden, Dartmouth College

133 Sara Edelman, Florida International University

134 Ian Zink, University of Miami

135 Justine Jackson Ricketts

136 Anne Mahler

137 Samuel Barro

138 Mark Rains, University of South Florida

139 Ashley Grace, Nova Southeastern University

140 Wayne Huber, Oregon State University

141 Jennifer Rehage, Florida International University

142 Ligia Collado`Vides, Florida International University

143 Isaac Skromne, University of Miami

144 Sheila Gaby, Miami Dade College

145 Dr. Michael Ross, Florida International University

146 Kristen Strobel

147 Jed Redwine, National Park Service

148 Frank Marshall, Frank Marshall Engineering

149 Greta Wanyik

150 Joanna Weremijewicz, University of Miami

151 Frank Mazzotti, University of Florida

152 Dave Rudnick, Everglades National Park

153 Tori Kuba, Scheda Ecological Associates

154 Claus Hansen

155 Tanya Jo Ormseth

156 Aaron Adams, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

157 Tom Frankovich, Florida International University

158 Richard Dodge, Nova Southeastern University

159 Bradford Young, Scheda Ecological Associates

160 Lauren Peters

161 Anna Armitage, Texas A&M University

162 Paul Wetzel, Smith College

163 Erik Powers, Parsons Environment & Infrastructure

164 Leo Sternberg, University of Miami

165 Richard Bartleson, Sanibel’ Captiva Conservation Foundation Marine Laboratory

166 Darren Rumbold, Florida Gulf Coast University

167 Greg Juszli

168 Kristin Caruso

169 Russell Burdge

170 Thomas Bower

171 Sandy Scheda, Scheda Ecological Associates

172 Cynthia Scothorn

173 Dianne Rosensweig, Scheda Ecological Associates

174 Jonathan Shenker, Florida Institute of Technology

175 Thomas Ries, Scheda Ecological Associates

176 Christine Sciarrino, Ecological Associates

177 Guy Murtonen

178 Jeff Wozniak, Sam Houston State University

179 Kathy Worley, Conservancy of Southwest Florida

180 David Iwaniec, Arizona State University

181 Brian Machovina, Florida International University

182 Eric Milbrandt, Sanibel’ Captiva Conservation Foundation Marine Laboratory

183 Krish Jayachandran, Florida International University

184 Lisa Chambers, St. Louis University

185 James Jawitz, University of Florida

186 Mark Perry, Florida Oceanographic Society

187 Helena Solo`Gabrielle, University of Miami

188 Mark Brown, University of Florida

189 Gregg Reynolds, Everglades National Park

190 Subodh Acharya, University of Florida

191 James Beerens, U.S. Geological Survey

192 Joseph Smoak, University of South Florida

193 Rivah Winter, University of Miami

194 Pauline Goldsmith

195 Erik Stabenau, National Park Service

196 Serge Thomas, Florida Gulf Coast University

197 James Heaney, University of Florida

198 Darrell Herbert, National Park Service

199 Pam Sullivan, University of Kansas

200 Carole McIvor, U.S. Geological Survey

201 John Day, Louisiana State University

202 Rolando O. Santos

203 Robin Rysavy

204 Kristie Wendelberger, Florida International University

205 Chris Kelble, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

206 Danielle Watts, University of California, Berkley

207 Rachel Silverstein, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

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