Removing Hull Stains

In this FS seminar, FS boating forum moderator Dan McCarthy explains how to remove tannic stains from your boat’s hull.

If you leave your boat in the water for extended periods of time, or even just run in dirty waters, you’ll find yourself dealing with a stubborn yellowish stain from the waterline down. Freshwater and soap won’t even make a dent in removing this discoloration. Having the right cleaner will make the job painless. Star brite produces an “Instant Hull Cleaner” that makes removing these stains effortless. Just pour the product on a rag and wipe the stained area. Of course, there are some important precautions that must be made.

  • adam s

    what is the best product for getting small rust spots off the floor of the boat

  • Badfish

    Try using “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner. It will instantly eat through iron stains, rust stains, blood, and every other stain I’ve ever had on my skiff. Be careful not to get it on galvanized as it will eat right through it (tip: wet the trailer before applying to the boat and rinse the trailer immediately to remove any drips)