This west coast tower and sight-fishing boat is making a splash along the east coast.

A deep-vee bow entry, and corresponding strakes and reverse chines, make possible Barracuda Boatworks’ Cuda 27 sharp maneuvering, hull lift and spray deflection, says Barracuda’s Dustin Bates. A flat-running pad widens toward the stern, allowing the 27-footer to draft 12 inches and necessitate less horsepower to stay on a plane, adds Bates. This boat is made for cobia and tarpon fishing, illustrated by its optional loaded tower.

Barracuda Boatworks is based out of Northport, but it’s also making a push on the east coast, trying to break the misconception that tower sight fishing boats only have a place in the Gulf. Cobia and tarpon are widespread on both of Florida’s coasts; Cuda’s deep-vee hull handles inshore and offshore duties equally statewide. Why shouldn’t tower boats be on both coasts?

The Cuda 27 is a legitimate self-bailing hull, draining water overboard and not into the bilge. Boat features include walk-around gunnels, 35-gallon livewell, 5 versatile dry lockers, and optional 65-gallon leaning-post livewell. Many other options are available, too.

Below is a complete pictorial review of the Barracuda Boatworks Cuda 27. Click on an image to view the caption.

Barracuda Boatworks
11151 South Tamiami Trail
Northport, FL 34287
(941) 536-3784


Length: 27 feet, 3 inches
Beam: 8 feet, 9 inches
Draft: 12 inches
Deadrise: 12 degrees
Fuel: 80 gallons
Base price: $87,999 with trailer and Yamaha 300

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