Northland has introduced a new 5-inch, scent- and salt-infused worm designed for wacky rigging. The technique is a minimalist approach that lets the two ends of the worm sink slowly to the bottom, pulsating on the drop.

“The porous, scent dispersing plastic is loaded with Northland’s exclusive SinkerSalt formula to create a faster drop rate than traditional soft baits,” says Team Northland founder John Peterson. “The unique combination of scent dispersion, salt attraction and wacky action cause bass to pounce on it, even when they don’t want to eat.”

The salt infusion helps the bait sink without requiring extra weight. Northland recommends rigging the Dipstick with a large single hook through the exact center of the worm, “creating a slow, fluttering fall with the two ends of the worm wiggling seductively in unison. For a slightly faster sink rate, use a lightly-weighted Lip-Stick Worm Hook; or in weed and wood cover, the Weedless Lip-Stick featuring a wire weed guard.”

Once the bait touches bottom, wait a few seconds, then give a couple of twitches to make the worm rise before letting it sink and “flip-flop” again.

Northland’s Impulse Dip-Stick comes in 8 proven, natural colors. They are packaged 9 worms per resealable package. Impulse attractant, the company says, proves more effective than the leading brand for triggering fish response. The website is here.

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