The Canyon Bay 2475 doesn’t appear to be nearly 25 feet until you start going through the hatches, livewells and casting deck space; at that point you realize this is a lot of boat. The boat jumps on plane very quickly, partially due to the negative trim angle in the transom and the 250 horses pushing it.

Jeff Seyler, general manager, says that there’s no real need for so much horsepower, in fact he mentioned that he’s looking forward to testing a boat with a 135 hp engine. The boat as tested will top out around 54 mph. If you’re in the market for a bay boat, that when the weather’s right can go offshore, the Canyon 2475 should be on your list of boats to check out.


LOA: 23’8”
Beam: 8’8”
Transom Deadrise: 18 Degrees
Draft: 13”
Fuel: 100 Gallons
Livewells (3): 20 Gallons
Release well: 60 Gallons

Stable, clean running angle




Oversized casting deck with toe-rails, includes:


Anchor storage, large enough to fit an anchor ball


Handy live well access


Live well hatches also open all the way.


Release well also has a smaller-clear access hatch.


Full access to the release well.


Dry storage in the bow.


Note the oversize hatches, good for keeping the hatches dry as well as making them easy to open.


All hatches have air-assisted hinges; you never have to worry about slamming lids spooking fish.


Lockable rod storage.


Front console seating, includes an insulated cooler.


Vertical rod storage


Port side console storage


Foot rest, also.


…opens up for easy access to console wiring, etc.


Two aft live wells.



Tackle storage for nine plastic trays.



Tackle trays remove to allow access to bilge, pumps, wiring.


Dry and out of the way access for the Battery switches.




Lots of room on the console for flush mounting your electronics.


Assorted running angles.






Florida Sportsman Classics: This boat was first featured in January 2007.

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