Northeast Florida Weekend Fishing 4cast

Fernandina Beach to Flagler Beach
Includes Jacksonville and St. Augustine

July 25-27


Megan Bearss with a large red snapper!

The 34th Annual Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament will take most offshore fishing efforts this week and weekend. Most kingfish have stayed well offshore starting 40-miles out. Trolling ribbonfish over natural bottom or wrecks is the norm, but if you’re having a hard time finding bait, jack crevalle or a blue runner will work just fine. Of course, nearshore areas such as Red Tops, Nassau Buoy, and the Southeast Hole will get plenty of pressure from anglers hoping to sneak out a smoker king.

Another weekend of red snapper season is in the books with maybe half the fleet catching and the other half not catching. Red snapper will school up and move from wreck to wreck. Have a plan of running and gunning as much bottom structure as you can, to avoid non-action time.


Shawn Thompson and myself with a monster tarpon, so glad I tie strong knots!

Thunderstorms are something you can bet on and prepare for on your fishing trips. You can use them to your advantage as they provide a quick cool off from the heat and just enough overcast, as they pass. Now, I am not suggesting fishing in the heat of a lightning storm, but having a plan to get away when it appears is important. Once the storm has moved away start tossing topwater lures on your favorite point, oyster bed or grass line. Topwater has been on the increase and everything seems ready to blast the surface for a “walk the dog” type lure. Redfish, trout, jacks, ladyfish, catfish, and even tarpon are chewing. Secondary lures to try are jig and plastic combinations, especially when you feel the fish are not responding to the surface lures. I have been pretty surprised by some of the topwater action I have run into, having bait schooling around seems to be key.



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