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Southeast Florida Weekend Fishing 4Cast

Includes Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth

July 11-13


Green water and lack of bait have been issues but the bonitos will always shine through to save the day. The hard part generally is to avoid them but if you do odds are the sharks, wahoo and even cobia and big kings won’t be anywhere close either. There will also be a solid sailfish catch going on for those focusing on using live bait. The main target for most however continues to be the mutton and yellowtail snappers that comprise most of the catch on the bottom.

I haven’t tarpon-fished for a few days but either way you can count on lots of snook in the inlets and the adjacent beaches. Light tackle keeps every fish fun and every now and then a bonehead or some other surprise will come in close to really keep things interesting. Afternoon rains are perfect for getting the spillway bite going. Mayan cichlids are agreed to be the bait of choice, though live shrimp when available can also account for plenty of releases.


Sharks may be hard to avoid but lets be grateful we have an ecosystem that can support these apex predators in such numbers! Bonito are one of the reasons they’re here, probably some spawning as well. Wahoo will be increasing in numbers by the week. Especially for those rising early and doing the high-speed thing. Live baiters will be catching plenty of sailfish and a few kings on the reef. Dolphin will be around the weed, which should still be rampant.

Acquiring mullet, shad or even shiners takes the most effort. From there just toss one towards the floodgates and hang on! Jetty anglers will be catching plenty of blue runners, sand perch, jacks, and in a few more weeks, mangrove snappers and bluefish. That’s still a ways off though, so in the meanwhile live shrimp will be the bait of choice. High outgoing tide is preferred, always.


Potential for cold water upwellings aside, bottom fishing should be solid for the large mangrove and lane snappers plentiful on just about all the artificial reefs and wrecks. Cobia and kingfish are other likely candidates for those fishing baits on the surface or at mid-depth while targeting the bottom. Further out, dolphin and wahoo will be present with more and more of the latter over the next month and a half.

Tarpon on the beach, snook in the inlets, and mullet are just a few weeks off. This is a great time for coastal fishing. Green, toxic algae aside of course and even that doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue. Fortunately most of the excessive water from the lake is still being sent west. The pompano are gone but there are still plenty of croakers and whiting and stuff. Trout and redfish are plentiful on the grass beds, something we have nothing of to the south.




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  • Matt Smith

    What type of teaser does Captain LaBonte use?

  • Francesco

    has there been any wahoo bite?

    • Kenny

      Had a double hookup on small wahoo about 10 miles offshore from boynton wed.

      • matt

        what were you trolling? i have been trying to catch some wahoo offshore from ft pierce. anyone with any advice? thanks!

  • mike barry

    looking forward to fishing sunday on the madson driving from cocoa beach weather here is blowing hard

  • Clayton Will

    Where is the Kingfish Hole on Peck Lake and how deep is it? I will be in the area next month. Thanks.

  • Dante DePanicis

    I used to nail kingfish in April off of the “stink hole” outside Hillsboro inlet…now I live further north…does anybody have an area off of Boynton “Inlet” that produces kings in March – April ?

    • Kevin

      How do I find that sink hole? have any coordinates?

      • Jordan

        Its the bubbler, where sewage comes out via pipeline, I believe it is directly offshore from the watertower

        • Kevin

          Thanks Jordon, I’ll look for it.

  • Jb

    Why isn’t the story updated, it’s a week old!!!!

  • rhoff333444

    why has no update been provided?

  • Drew

    Go north of Boynton inlet until your just south of the Ritz hotel in an area directly in front of the jagged sea wall along the beach. Can’t miss it with its notched pattern. 150 drift in up to 60 ft. You will catch Kings all year guaranteed never to come back without at least one.
    I hate to give that up but I’m tired of catching them all. Also lots of cobia and sails depending on time of year dolphin too.

  • daveander

    I was told of an old floating tank moored in the ocean just south of Boynton Inlet. He described it as being right on the reef and good bottom fishing. Anybody know of this or is it bull?

    • eli

      the tank was there and now it is gone due to the fact it was there when they were dredging the inlet

  • Ed Regan

    The report says bottom fishing has been good. Any recommendations on some decent wrecks in the boca, delray, or deerfield area to fish for Grouper and Snapper?