Solo Skiff

Solo Skiff is the one man micro-skiff for the shallow water fisherman.

The Solo Skiff can best be described as a hybrid kayak-like vessel, borrowing features from different types of shallow-water craft. A split-tailed transom handles a low-horsepower outboard or trolling motor for propulsion. Incorporated into the stern is a flush run-off deck that allows water to self-bail. A raised seat for steering, doubles as a poling stand. Gear and battery for a trolling motor fit inside a storage compartment below the seat. The hatch has a heavy-duty latch and large rubber gasket to keep gear dry. Two rod tubes in the forward bulkhead handle 9-foot fly rods.

Solo Skiff
Jacksonville, FL


Length: 15 feet, 5 inches
Beam: 42 inches
Dry weight (hull only): 150 pounds
Max horsepower: 5 hp
Base Price: $1,850 (without power)

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  • swimnshoot

    I live on Chicopit bay in NE FL and this boat would be perfect for making the long runs into unfished waters while skinny enough to stay there through the tide, comfortably. I want one………..bad !

  • theo jourdan

    Tom Mitzlaff does it again!

  • barrell

    Mines on order

  • DR

    I just bought one and can’t wait to get it. I am out buying the needed things, GPS, push pole, life jacket, small fuel can etc. I am also looking for a used Sunfish trailer. It is just about the right size.

  • DR

    I now have my boat and it is fitted out as I want. The 3.5 hp is plenty of power. the only problem with it that I can see is it is really designed for someone under 6′ tall. A fun boat but it does not like water with much wave action. It’s ok going into the wave but going with the wave it is sort of like riding a surfboard out of control. Over all a fun boat and I’m glad I have it. I got a trailer for it at Academy and it is perfect for it