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Dusky 33 Open Fisherman

If you’re heading offshore, you can bet on a Dusky. And mightiest of all models might be the Dusky 33.

Here’s an in-depth look at the rock-hard Dusky 33 Open Fisherman.

Most anglers know about (even drool at) Dusky’s offshore center consoles. But what some might not know is that Dusky builds an extensive line of flats, bay and center console boats, all of them factory built at Dusky’s massive facility in Dania Beach. There, Dusky employees such as Marketing Director Heather Harrison and Vice President Mike Brown go about making sure Dusky’s product is exceptional.

Still, Dusky’s offshore battle wagons and swell-slicers find themselves in the spotlight. It’s no surprise why! Legendary South Florida Captain Bouncer Smith runs a Dusky 33, his is simply called Bouncer’s Dusky 33. That alone should be proof positive of its fishing capability. But just in case, Dusky’s Mike Brown heads over to the Bahamas on a regular basis to fish hard, run Dusky boats hard, and think of every conceivable option or accessory a customer could want. Some recent creations include an on-board freezer and bow-mounted kite rod holders.

The Dusky 33 features a ventilated step hull with 35-, 25- and 20-degree deadrises for smooth rides in any kind of seas. And its 100-percent composite hand-laminated construction assures a smooth-ride for decades. Dusky is a factory-direct, family-owned company based in Dania, Florida. The company prides itself on customization and building boats to individual customer preferences.

Dusky Marine

110 North Bryan Road
Dania Beach, FL 33004


Length: 33 feet

Beam: 10 feet, 10 inches

Draft: 1 foot, 6 inches

Max horsepower: 900 hp

Hull weight: 6,700 pounds

Fuel capacity: 260 gallons

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