With their vast availability and excellent durability, scented soft plastic lures are becoming quite popular for all types of fishing. You are able to send the same bait down multiple times and catch multiple fish, with almost know wear and tear; you get your monies worth! But, what do you do when you’re done fishing and don’t want to waste a perfectly good bait? Don’t just leave your baits on a hook, where they will try out and become nearly impossible to remove (destroying a jighead or hook in the process), preserve them instead!

Scented bait manufactures like Berkley Gulp! often sell scented baits in a tub of scented “juice” that marinates the baits while not in use. Florida Sportsman’s Rick Ryals explains how these tubs of the “magical juice” can be utilized to preserve and give old baits a scent that fish can’t resist. This technique allows you to not only preserve old baits, but provides a place to store the smaller packs, sold separately. Reusing these tubs is one to save money and avoid taking trips to the tackle store!

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