Evinrude, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) now has an outboard that mimics the chiseled look of the “Terminator” with the same “I’ll be back attitude.” The all new G2 ETec is slated to be a game changer in the outboard industry. Currently available in the following horsepowers; 200, 225, 225H.O., 250, 250H.O. and 300, this direct injected 2-stroke engine has many industry first incorporated into its design and engineering.

From a distance you can see that the G2 is different. The removable side panels can be color coordinated to match your boat in over 400 combinations, but it’s what’s beneath the aggressive look of this outboard that makes it unique. BRP engineers have used computational fluid dynamics software to look inside of the inner workings of their 2-stroke engine and found ways of capturing previously lost combustion gases. This breakthrough design delivers a motor that has best-in-class torque, emissions and fuel efficiency when compared to its four-stroke rivals, according to BRP. The exact numbers claimed by Evinrude are 75% fewer regulated emissions, 20% more torque and 15% more fuel efficiency than competitive four-strokes.

The design team didn’t stop there. They added in other features including Dynamic Power Steering that is integrated directly into the midsection. An i-Trim system automatically trims the boat based on the speed you’re traveling. A 2-gallon oil reservoir is located on the engine as well as a fuel/water separator. Lower unit oil circulates through an additional reservoir, behind the side panels, so you can easily keep an eye on the fluid level and on the presence of any water. The Dual Axis Rigging System routes engine cables through just one tube, eliminating the need for a splashwell at the transom. All of these innovations are backed by an incredible factory warranty that requires no dealer-scheduled maintenance for 5 years or 500 hours plus a 5-year engine and corrosion warranty. The G2 requires no detailed break-in procedure so you can run it right out of the box. For the Northern owners, they will enjoy do it yourself auto-storage/winterization in less than four minutes.

For more information, visit a local Evinrude dealer or go to www.brp.com or www.evinrudenation.com

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